About Me – The Non-nitwit

I like to talk and I like to write.  I’m learning my boundaries in both…  I think.  I’m a parent, a lover, and a friend.  Sometimes I’m good at all three.  Sometimes I suck at each one individually or all of them collectively.  However, I’m always honest with myself about my perceptions of the world and my character.  There are days I don’t like what I see in either; and there are days I’m amazed by both. 

This blog is only a collection of my observations.


11 comments on “About Me – The Non-nitwit

  1. hilarious! i love it! keep writing and i’ll keep reading…

  2. Thanks for recognizing that significant other as a source of relief and comfort when you’re sick. And loved the description of the booty call…

  3. Yvette! Your blog is great! Keep the gold coming!

  4. I didn’t know you had this – I LOVE it!

    • Thanks, Rob. I would like to post more often than I do. Hopefully, I’ll achieve more consistency by the end of the year! xoxo

  5. Yvette, what an awesome talent! I saw your post referencing your blog this morning. To echo Casey, “keep writing and I’ll keep reading.” Reads like NY Times Best Seller!!! Happy New Year!

  6. Too cool and so like you: smart, original, honest and fun! Keep writing. It is one of your many gifts.

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