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The Inevitability of the Inevitable

The California wildfires rage just above my house.  The air smells of burning brush and soot.  White ash covers most of the cars exposed to the elements.  I should be scared.  I am scared, but not panicked.  I’m a rational thinker especially in the face of certain danger.  I’m not sure whether it is my […]

A Conundrum of Sorts

The loudest and most gratifying burps surface after gulping Coca-cola.  I let one rip at the office today.  Everyone was so busy, I think no one noticed.  That’s a lie.  Someone always notices.  In small spaces that are occupied by many people who are seemingly preoccupied with their own menial tasks, someone always notices.  As a matter […]

Improving on Perfection

Until an hour ago I was having a half-azz kinda sh*tty day.  I did all the obligatory self-talky talk encouragement stuff.  I even shared the circumstances of my funk with a friend because I knew he would help me look on the bright side.  Don’t you just love those friends?  Get this.  I even hugged […]