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The Hair/Azz Combination

Last week I got hit on by a clown.  I’m not sure if I should be insulted or flattered.  Should I consider it the ultimate high or have I reached a new low?  Let me share the circumstances of the compliment.  I was wearing a form-fitting sundress and a pair of oversized sunglasses.  My hair was flowing free with bouncy […]

Shawshank Redemption Revisited

You’ve seen The Shawshank Redemption, a screenplay adapted from Stephen King’s short novel of a similar title.  Maybe you haven’t.  It’s worth renting, purchasing, downloading, or boot… nah, nothing’s worth bootlegging.  Piracy is a crime.  I watched it last night again for the umpteenth time.  Fine specimen of a film.  I’m not sure how many […]

The Baby Mama Dalai Lama

In case you didn’t know, Wikipedia is god.  Not like, in a literal or literary sense.  But, in the sense of a QUICK reference – like a few suspect dudes walking your way in a dark alley or a rabid dog running rampant in your backyard, and you yell, “Oh Lord!  Help me Jesus!” – well, like that.  […]

Terms of Endearment

I have been pursued at just about any random establishment, professional function or social event you can imagine.  I’ve heard some of the most creative “pick-up” lines ever created by men and women.  Yet, I am always pleasantly surprised when I am picked up in a grocery store, a mega-store to be more specific.  The most […]