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Sans Judgement – A “Better Place” for Everyone

Four years ago I learned a college classmate, who was from my hometown, had been strangled to death by her estranged husband before he ended his own life with a single bullet to the head. We had lived in the same freshmen dorm, eaten in the same cafeteria and hung out in all the same […]


I think I was Latina in another life.  My friends can all testify. I love Mexican food. I should probably own a cilantro tree – it would be more cost effective. Handmade tiles make me swoon. And I’ve never met a taco I didn’t like. (Yes, I’m straight.) I’ve been known to ingest obscene amounts of […]

The People vs. The Problem with Being Single

This morning I forgot to brush my teeth before I left the house.  How does that happen?  It’s fairly simple.  I woke up.  I headed straight to the bathroom, reached in the cabinet, grabbed the mouthwash and swished.  Spinach dip, calamari and red wine the night before will do that to you.  I jumped in […]

One Shot, Make it Count

In L.A. you see a lot of everything – homeless people pushing carts with Lakers’ flags attached to each side; label-wearing dog-owner snobs with designer purses housing their miniature barking children; freeways jammed bumper to bumper – Bentleys, BMWs and Buicks alike; red carpets; paparazzi and plenty of weave.  What you rarely see are funeral processions.  No […]

It’s Complicated

There are lots of spiders in Los Angeles.  I’ve seen them.  They lurk in corner cobwebs, under tables and in plants.  They nest in trees and alongside firewood.  When I relocated here from the humid, steamy, insect-laden South, I thought I would be bug free.  I kissed goodbye to the flying cockroaches, hit Interstate 10 going […]

Back in Stride Again

This dating sh*t sucks.  Every time I hype myself up to get back in “the game” I get called on a technical.  It’s worse than Paul Pierce or Ron Artest in the Finals, but like a championship team I show up every time.  Even though I detest games, I understand the rules associated with dating and I […]

Greener Grass

The swine flu is the pits.  Influenza A, pretty darn horrible.  A few weeks ago, I contemplated several ways of ending the horrible headache that filled every crevasse of my head, the least of which was to cut it off at the neck.  Literally.  I’m one of those people who doesn’t “ride out” a headache like […]