Wait, WHAT?

It all started one day when I was bored and surfing the net.  There’s a limit to how long a single woman can go without testosterone seated across the table.  That limit varies per female and per her appetite… for whatever.  I’ve posted profiles on my fair share of dating sites.  Admittedly, that “harmony” website was […]


I was born and raised in New Orleans.  Post Hurricane Katrina when the levees broke and flooded our city (that was for you, Rob) I lived in Houston, Texas.  During that tumultuous time, I had a co-worker who is of Hispanic origin.  Hola chica!  She was as bright eyed, bubbly, and feisty as you can imagine.  Add another dash […]

Spare Change

At times, I am entirely too nice.  I am not speaking of the time I gave the stranger rolling her daughter in a wheel chair near the medical pavilion a ride; or the time I assisted a little, old, Filipino lady traveling alone in putting on her shoes in front of Security as we stood at the end of the conveyor belt; or […]

Terms of Endearment

I have been pursued at just about any random establishment, professional function or social event you can imagine.  I’ve heard some of the most creative “pick-up” lines ever created by men and women.  Yet, I am always pleasantly surprised when I am picked up in a grocery store, a mega-store to be more specific.  The most […]